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Marriage Encounter’s flash mob event turns heads

At 4 pm, on Saturday, Feb 11, 50 married couples and their children took part in  a “Freeze Flash Mob” event organised by Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME)  Singapore.

Proudly declaring the number of years they have been happily  married, the couples froze for five minutes in a pose portraying their love for each other outside Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. The event, organised for  the second year running, was to celebrate World Marriage Day, which falls on Feb  12.  Many curious passersby stopped to stare and take photos, wondering  what was happening. This was quickly explained by friendly volunteers carrying  signs stating, “Please do not be alarmed. Just happily married couples having fun!”

The event saw Mr Willie Song, 65, going down on one knee to  present flowers to Lisa, his wife of 40 years. Posing with the sign, “Happily married 52 years” were another couple, Willie and Teresa Koh. They said the event was fun and made them feel young. “More importantly,  as a group, we are an encouragement to people around us that happy marriages and  families are possible in this day and age,” one them shared.

Melvyn and  Daphne Tang, married for eight months and the youngest participating couple,  said they thought it was a novel way to celebrate their marriage. According to organisers, the event aimed not only to celebrate marriage  in Singapore in a unique way but also to send a message that happy marriages are  possible.

“We were very encouraged by the turnout and support of all  couples and their children this year,” said Mr Adrian Tee, an organiser. “We hope to organise an even larger Freeze Flash Mob next year, perhaps involving as  many WWME in other countries as well!”

Source :  TheCatholicNews – FEBRUARY 26, 2012, Vol 62, No 04

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