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ME 33rd Anniversary Mass at Church of Divine Mercy

More than 750 couples, friends and children turn up at The Church of Divine Mercy at Pasir Ris on Labour Day (1 May 2012) to celebrate their Labour of Love.

This year saw a huge increase over last year in the number of couples who registered for the Milestone Marriage celebration.  A total of 103 couples were present and they were joined by another 126 couples , relatives and friends in the Mass celebration.  The main celebrant was Fr Paul Goh and together with the other ME Priests, Fr Johnson Fernandez, Fr John Van Dich, Fr Louis Loiseau and Fr Bruno Saint Giron celebrated the special Mass and bestowed special Blessings to all the Couples present.
The oldest Married couples in this year event is Michael & Margaret Loh who have been married for 57 years.

Milestone Marriage couples have these to say :

“..Thank you for your great work & it is well organized” …….. Vincent & Cindy ( 20 Years MM )
Thank you for everyone’s hardwork. You have made it so memorable for all of us” ….. Joseph & Serena ( 25 Years MM)
My family enjoyed ourselves and found it touching and inspiring ” …… Leonard & Celestina ( 10 Years MM )
We will not forget this day. Now, we’re looking forward to attend the June ME weekend ” ……….. Santi & Jane ( 10 Years MM )
…so much love in action – it was very moving.” …………………….. Yu Gin & Jennifer ( 15 Years MM )

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