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Marriage Encounter Singapore 2013 Dinner & Dance

  After all the frenzy of morning set up, final rehearsals in the morning and afternoon, sorting the door gifts, putting up the standees and posters, the ballroom was all ready.  The opening was perfect, as our dear Archbishop Emeritus Nicholas Chia escorted by the Stormtroopers to the tune of Star Wars entered the SICC Ballroom.

Aside from the games and guest entertainers, we also had our very own in-house performers. Our Hua-Ken friends started the ball rolling with their rendition of Shanghai night. It looked so real – the Chinese “big brothers” with their fearsome looking tattoos, and their lovely ladies. Then the thrills and spills of gun fire exchanges. Very well planned indeed.

Love Circle Link ST blew us away with their rendition of Les Miserables. It was a fantastic and truly unbelievable performance! All of us were hit really hard! For days, many were still recovering from the sensory overloads from their performance. Many continued talking about the act and were amazed by the high quality of singing and acting and the double pianos!! Msgr Vaz was heard complimenting the act and added with amazement in his voice …. “they can really sing!” This was the result of months of sacrifices coming together for weekly practises and voice training.

Finally our “boys and girls greasers” from Public Relations ST danced their way to the medley of “We’ll always be together / You’re the one that I want” and and then getting everyone off their seats to the dance floor at the end. After weeks of practises, transforming from two-left footers (always knocking into each other while trying to keep up with the pace) to a well drilled co-ordinated dance ensemble…..but it was over in 3 minutes….and withdrawal syndrome stepped in…

It was indeed am enjoyable night with everyone really having a great time and letting their hair down. The whole ballroom was filled with love, lots of positive vibes and lots of laughter. All the couples present had similar values and were very comfortable with each other that they were really sporting and game for anything!! The impromptu acts put up by the couples for the games, the best dressed and even the lucky draw winners!! We bet many had stitches laughing so hard!! Even our MC Colin loved our crowd and our audience participation. Bet the waiters and waitresses were amazed with the energies and enthusiasm of these “young uncles and aunties.” 

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