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Delegates from the National Ecclesial Teams in Asia that will be participating in this conference. Taiwan NET will not be attending

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Secretariat Duty Roster

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Night Duty Couple for the entire week will be David & Clara and they will be at Room 309 .
David (96855822), Clara ( 94350161 ).

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ProHealth Medical Group @ Punggol Damai Blk 612, Punggol Dr, 01-05, S(820612)
Hrs: Mon – Sun 8am – 11 pm

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Photos of the Opening Mass, Daily Proceedings, etc will be posted here daily. Stay tuned !

Pre-Asian Conference Preparation

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Asian Conference Organising Committee

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Preparation and getting Ready

6 Sep – Arrival & Opening Mass

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Sep 6

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Opening Mass at St Anne’s Church Part 1

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Opening Mass at St Anne’s Church Part 2

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Welcome Dinner (Part 1)

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Welcome Dinner (Part 2)

Day 1, Sep 7, 2014

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Morning Mass and morning session

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Afternoon/Evening session

Day 2, Sep 8, 2014

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Morning Mass (Philippines)

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Afternoon Session ( Formation )

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Country Reports

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Mooncake fellowship

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Day 3, Sep 9 2014

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Morning Mass (India)

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Country Highlights (Malaysia,Malaysia, Singapore)

Day 4, Sep 10 , 2014

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Morning Mass ( Japan )

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Day session

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Evening Prayer (Malaysia)

Day 5 Sep 11, 2014

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Morning Mass (Korea )

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Singapore Tour Part 1

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Singapore Tour Part 2

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Farewell to Outgoing NETs

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Evening Prayers (UAE-Dubai)

Day 6, Sep 12, 2014

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Morning Prayer ( Fr Jun )

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Birthday surprise and Group Photo

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Closing Mass Album 1

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Closing Mass Album 2

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Gala Dinner Album 1

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Gala Dinner Album 2

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Gala Dinner Album 3

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Day 7, Sep 13, 2014 (Departure)

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Morning Mass

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Departure of Delegates from ME House