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Love Matters 2

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Singapore together with ACF and Family Partners bring the second edition of LOVE MATTERS 2 – “Love Changes Everything’.

The event is organised in conjunction with Worldwide Marriage Encounter  Singapore 38th Anniversary on 20th May (saturday ) at The Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at Highlands Road.

There will be 5 concurrent talks which will start at 9 am in the various rooms at IHM and at the Catholic Archdiocesan Education Centre.

The ME 38th Anniversary Mass will start at 10.10 am after the talk sessions.

There will be a celebration of Marriage and Sacerdotal milestone anniversaries and this year we will include those newly married couples who have reached their first year of marriage .

Speaker : Jonar Lusung  ( from Couples for Christ )


In revisiting God’s plan for marriage, we come to a clearer understanding of how we are to respond to his Invitation to become an integral part of building a Christian Home. This can only be possible through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Speaker : Corey & Julie Ang  ( Couple Empowerment programme )


Song of Songs 2:14-15 exults , “Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away.”  True sexual intimacy has the power to heal, renew and sustain a couple through the different seasons of their marriage relationship. Marital sex involves a lifetime discovery of our spouse. Come and discover the 6 attributes of being a great lover and the joys of marital love.

Speaker :  Dr Douglas Ong   (NFP)


How does NFP fit into our lives in the context of modern day contraceptives ? Does it work ? Why should I consider it at all ?  Come and listen to why NFP is our call to a Catholic way of life and how it has become even more relevant in the 21st century. Feel free to share and question in this conversation with a Catholic Gynae and our NFP community.  Open to couples of all ages. It’s not just about  mucus. It’s about living out Faith

Speaker :  Fr Luke Fong ( Marriage Encounter )


Many of us struggle when it comes to handling the pains that necessarily come with life. A Christian’s share of suffering and affliction is no less than one who is not a follower of Christ. However a Christian does have an advantage over others when facing such trials because of Jesus Christ. If you have not understood why, you probably have not understood Christianity.

Speaker :   Fr Johnson Fernandez   ( Marriage Retorno )


Learn how to pray as a couple and strengthen the intimate union with Christ in His Word.