Anniversary Mass FAQ 2015-03-31T16:20:44+00:00

1. What is Milestone Marriage ?

Milestone Marriage is defined as starting from the 5th year of Marriage and counting up in increments of every 5 years (eg 5,10,15,20,25 years….etc ).

2. If my Milestone anniversary date is after 23 May 2015, can I still register and eligible for the Milestone Marriage Celebration ?

Yes, as long as your Marriage Milestone falls within 2015, you can register for your Milestone Marriage Celebration.

3. I missed celebrating my Milestone Marriage (eg 10 years ) last year as I was not in town.  Can I register to celebrate my 10 years Milestone Marriage this year ?

As this year will be counted as your 11 years of Marriage and not a Milestone mark as defined in (1) ,hence you will need to wait for your next Marriage Milestone of 15 years . However, exceptions may be given and you will need to email us with your circumstances and details.

4. How do I go about registering for the Milestone Marriage ?

You can register for the Milestone Marriage online and fill in the online form and click ‘submit’. The Registration couple will get back to you later with more information and instructions on what you need to prepare for.

5. Can I register for my friends who are  Catholics but have not attended Marriage Encounter Weekend ?

Yes you can register for them but as the registration process require information that perhaps only the couples themselves have knowledge of, it is best to direct them to the registration page on the ME website and for them to register their participation in this Anniversary Mass celebration.

6. I know of older couples who do not know how to use the computer or go online. How can we  get the information to these older couples ?

You can refer and pass the names of these couples and their contact information to us via email  . Alternatively you can contact the following Registration couples ( Franklin & Celina – HP 93361920 or Christoper & Alice – 62426892 )

7. We are not celebrating our Milestone Marriage this year. Can we still attend the Mass ? Do we need to register online ?

Yes, all are welcome to join in this Anniversary Mass on. You are still required to register your attendance and participation online. This is to facilitate the smooth running of the logistical arrangement and to ensure that sufficient refreshments are catered for.

8. We have small children.  Are there any Baby sitting services ?

Young couples who are celebrating their Milestone Marriage and have problems with tending to their young ones should  make arrangement with family members and invite them along so that the children can be looked after.  There is no baby sitting facilities but special consideration can be given on case by case basis.

9. How much does it cost to attend the Milestone Marriage Anniversary  event ?

We welcome all married couples to the Anniversary Mass Celebration. There is no registration fee but there will be a love offering collection during the Mass to help defray the cost.

10. Is there a closing date for Registration ?

Yes, the closing date for registering to attend and participate in the Anniversary Mass Celebration is 8 May 2015

11. We would like to help out with this event . How do we go about it ?

Yes, we need many volunteers to help out with the many aspects of  this event.  You can volunteer to be with the choir, or to assist with the warden duties or even photography .  Just leave us a message and we will get back to you.