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Love Matters & ME 37th Anniversary Celebration





(L-R) Fr Bruno , Fr Henry Siew ( celebrating his 25th Sacerdotal ), Fr Donatien Davaine ( 5th Sacerdotal), Msg Ambrose Vaz ( 35th Sacerdotal ) and Fr Charles Sim ( 15th Sacerdotal ).  Fr Anthony Hutjes also co-celebrated the Mass (not in picture)



A wonderful day of Joy and Love, an estimated 225 couples and their guests descended on the Blessed Sacrament Church on the afternoon of Sat, 21st May 2016 to celebrate their Marriage Anniversaries and renewed their Marriage Vows.

The theme of this year event was “LOVE MATTERS”  and  organised jointly with the Archdioscean Commission for the Family (ACF)  and feature a talk by Fr Terence Pereira on the topic “Lovin’ Notion, Love in Motion”.  Key Takeaway points :

  • Service is our expression of love
  • Show love by service
  • To all the married couples, the longer you have shared love (been married), the more you should love each other.
  • When you give and do service, work hard at it and do it willingly.
  • Let your couple love be an example for your children, be a legacy to your children and those around you.

Everyone is called to serve, there are those who say, I will serve when I am retired, or at some later time, the advice is “don’t leave your balance for God”.

We were encouraged to take the example from Christ, who came to serve. As His disciple, we should do as the Lord did.

The high point of the event was the Anniversary Mass,  celebrated by Msg Ambrose Vaz with co-celebrant Fr Bruno, Fr Donatien, Fr Charles Sim, Fr Henry Siew and Fr Anthony Hutjes.


More photos of the event can be found in the following albums

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