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ME Flash Mob 2015 at Ngee Ann City


Marriage Encounter Singapore did it again ! Yes, on 14 Feb 2015 at Ngee Ann City, more than 70 couples and their family posed and freezed to mark World Marriage Day.  The event , organised by the Outreach Service Team of Worldwide Marriage Encounter Singapore , aim to send the message that in today’s world, Happy Marriages are still alive and possible. In this event, couples from early years of marriage to couples who have been married for 55 turned up to show their support.

Besides the local ME community couples who were present to support this event, the leaders of WWME Europe  also joined in ( after the recent World Council meeting in Melbourne , Australia ).

Watch the Flash mob video



 WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-7211 WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-7190 WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-7237
 WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-7126  WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-7242  WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-7306
 WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-7367  WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-8851  WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-8877
 WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-7116  WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-7124 WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-7293 WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-8813
 WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-7332  WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-7173  WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-7176 WWME-SG-FlashMob-2015-7216




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