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Who is Marriage Encounter for?

ME is for married couples who want something more in their marriage ~ more fun, spontaneity, excitement, communication, understanding, romance, intimacy, passion, joy…

Couples as young as 2 years married and as old as 50 years married or more have come for Marriage Encounter… and benefited from it. Many couples come to ME just prior to celebrating their anniversaries.

How does Marriage Encounter enhance a marriage?

It provides an environment for couples

  • to focus on one another
  • to take a closer look at their marriage
  • to explore important areas in their marriage in a spirit of love and understanding
  • to gain new insights and confidence to enrich their marriage
  • to become re-aquainted with each other and strengthen their love

What happens at Marriage Encounter?

A series of talks are presented by a team of trained couples and a priest

After each talk, couples are given time for private reflection and couple dialogue

Is there privacy?

YES! At the Marriage Encounter Weekend, couples are taught a special techique of loving communication. They put into practice this technique in the privacy of their own room

There are no group discussions.

What else does Marriage Encounter do?

It also provides couples an opportunity to look at their relationship with God and to better appreciate Marriage as a Sacrament of the Church.

How long is the ME Weekend?

It starts at 8 pm on Friday and ends at 6 pm on Sunday.

Where and when?

Marriage Encounter Weekends are held on the 1st Friday of each month at:

The Marriage Encounter House 201-B Seventeenth Avenue ,Punggol Road Singapore 829651 Tel: 6315-2887 or 6315-1887  ( Weekend Booking Enquiry 9670-5390 )

How much?

A S$50 non-refundable registration fee confirms your booking.

The cost of the weekend average $350 per couple and this includes accommodation, meals and stationeries .

At the end of the Weekend, each couple is given a blank envelope for their Love offering to help defray the cost of

the weekend.

I would like to attend but I cannot afford the cost ?

Marriage Encounter welcomes all married couples who have the desire to deepen their relationship.

Financial constrains is never a reason for missing out on the weekend.  At the end of the weekend, couples

are given a blank envelope for their Love offering and financially well off couples are encouraged to give more.

The Love offering is personal and anonymous .  The Marriage Encounter movement is blessed to have many couples

in the past who have given generously to help defray the cost.

Do couples have to be Catholic?

Marriage Encounter welcomes couples of all faiths.

Many Buddhists, Hindus, Anglicans, Methodists, Lutherans, etc. and free-thinkers come for ME.

Is Marriage Encounter also for priests and religious?

Marriage Encounter is also for priests and religious who want to develop a deeper appreciation of their vocation.