Ovation to Fr Loiseau 2016-10-23T15:24:03+00:00


This evening of devotion to Our Lord for the gift of Fr Louis Loiseau is for EVERYONE – from the most senior to the youngest, from the oldest to the newest. If you never had it before, or haven’t for some time, here’s your opportunity to share a specially touching and inspiring community moment with Fr L, a potentially heart warming one that you’ll value, a must set aside evening befitting of WWME-sg’s deep appreciation and gratitude to Fr L for his strong and enduring love of the Church.
Watch out for more details as the organizers brainstorm further on how we can all contribute meaningfully to make it deeply reassuring and fulfilling to Fr L. Meantime, do pray for his health and read the following Love Letter from Fr L in 2012. Since then, and with age eventually catching up, Fr L (now 90) has presented 65 ME, 65 EE, 35 Choice and 19 Retrouvaille Weekends.